Ensuring Senior Safety in the Bathroom with Toilet Safety Frames and Other Bathroom Assists

The bathroom is considered the most dangerous part of the house for many seniors. For those with mobility issues, they can have a difficult time sitting on or standing from the toilet which can lead to accidents. When preparing your home to accommodate senior parents who wish to stay at home, it’s crucial to install toilet safety frames and other bathroom assists to help them use the toilet safely and with ease.

As we age, we become less able to maneuver our bodies especially when certain conditions weaken our joints. Arthritis affecting the knees and hips can make it difficult for seniors to lower themselves on the toilet seat and rise after they use it, as these joints are essential for sitting and standing. And because the act of sitting and standing from the toilet puts seniors in an unbalanced position, they become more susceptible to slipping or falling while using the toilet.

Toilet bars can be installed on the wall near the toilet seat to provide seniors a sturdy handle they can use for support as they sit or stand at the toilet. Alternatively, toilet rails which are installed onto the seat can give your elderly parents something to hold on to so they can use the toilet properly even without the assistance of a caregiver or a family relative.

For greater convenience and safety, toilet safety frames with adjustable handles that rotate back can be installed to allow a greater range of comfortable and secure positions. Closed-foam armrests also enhance safety by providing a more secure grip on the handles.

Another safety concern is the height of the toilet seat. A regular toilet is a bit lower than the normal sitting position. Seniors who no longer have the same lower limb strength as they used to may have a much harder time lifting themselves up even with the help of toilet rails or bars.

Fitting the toilet with an elevated toilet seat helps raise its height by a few inches to reduce bending. Various styles provide different heights, so it’s important to determine how much height is needed before making a purchase. If your parents are tall, you’ll need a higher seat. But if they have different heights, you can have a universal raised toilet installed so the height can easily be adjusted.

For toilet bars, safety frames, and other bathroom assists, look no further than JDCSupplies. We carry products from trusted brands such as Guardian and Medline to help you prepare your bathrooms at home and ensure the safety of your elderly parents. For more information, call us at 1-630-422-7943.

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Heavy-Duty Bath Benches Provide Bariatric Patients Safety and Comfort While Bathing

Providing bariatric patients with adequate care requires the use of appropriate tools designed to meet their special needs. In the bathroom, which is one of the most statistically dangerous places in the house, heavy-duty bath benches should be provided to ensure safety and convenience while taking a bath.

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, more than a third of American adults are obese and many count as morbidly obese with a BMI of 35 and above. They often suffer from a host of medical problems, including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and osteoarthritis. They also experience numerous difficulties in daily life which many take for granted, such as walking and driving.

Bathing is another difficulty. Even without obesity, approximately 235 thousand people over the age of 15 visit emergency rooms every year due to injuries in the bathroom. More than a third of those injuries occur during bathing or taking a shower because of slippery surfaces.

The risk of slipping or falling increases with obesity. Excess weight can limit mobility and make it more difficult to stand and maintain balance especially on wet, slippery surfaces. Though studies have shown that the extra cushioning helps prevent fractures, in the event of a serious injury, people suffering from obesity can take much longer to recover. Sitting in the tub also poses a challenge as most tubs are not wide enough to accommodate larger people.

To ensure the safety of bariatric patients in the bathroom, heavy-duty bath benches are needed. These benches will enable them to sit comfortably in the bathtub and stay in the shower for as long as necessary. Patients are also offered a greater sense of independence and privacy as these benches allow them to bathe themselves thoroughly even without the assistance of the caregiver.

When choosing bariatric bath benches, remember to check their weight capacity to ensure they are capable of supporting the patient’s weight. These benches must also have non-slip rubber feet to resist slippage. For added convenience, always choose benches with height adjustable legs so they can fit in any tub.

It’s also important to ask the patient if he prefers a bench with or without a back. Generally, heavy-duty bath benches without a back are easier to maneuver in and provide more convenient access to various parts of the body. Those with a back offer extra support, which can be useful if bathing tends to be tiring for the patient.

With the appropriate heavy-duty bath bench, bathing need not be difficult nor dangerous for obese patients.

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